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3060 Walk In Tub By American Tubs




  Elite 3060 Soaker

The Elite 3060 Walk in Tub is another popular model from Mobility Bath Works . We ship hundreds of these Walk in Tub throughout the USA since it retrofits most bathrooms in the USA. Comes standard with bath & shower combination.


25 Year Warranty on Tub Body
Lifetime Warranty on Tub Door, Seal and Air Jets
** Contact store for full terms and conditions of the warranties prior to purchase **
17″ Seat
23.5″ Seat Width
Anti Slip Floor
6″ Threshold
Built in Grab Bar
Shower Slider Bar
5 Piece De Luxe Roman Faucets or 1 Piece Faucet
L Shaped Curtain Rod
Suction Cup
Mountain Plumbing Drain and Overflow



Chromatherapy ( Light System )
Carpeted walk in tub ramp
End Panel
New Double Drain
Dimensions of Elite Hi Boy Walk in Tub : 30″ x 60″ x 38″





Chroma Therapy (Included Free)

Chromotherapy provides colors to the electromagnetic body or the aura (energy field) around the body, which in turn transfers energy to the physical body. This makes chromotherapy the most effective among various therapies. When we speak of color, we mean energy waves. Included free after market Chromatherapy kit.. Critical Analysis of Chromotherapy and Its Scientific Evolution. (Click Here For More Information)


Aroma Therapy (Included Free)

Aromatherapy Benefits.

Manage Pain.
Improve Sleep Quality.
Reduce Stress, Agitation, And Anxiety.
Soothe Sore Joints.
Treat Headaches As Well As Migraines.
Alleviate Side Effects Of Chemotherapy.
Ease Discomforts Of Labor.
Fight Bacteria, Virus, Or Tungus.

Included free after market Aromatherapy kit..


What Is Aromatherapy and How Does It Help Me.  (More Info)





When Ordering The Additional Vibration Jets Or (Vibro Jets)

Their Will Be Two On The Back and Two At The Feet.





CARE Series 3060 Soaker Walk-in Tub

CARE Series 3060 Soaker Walk-in Tub
Qty: Price: $2889.

Select Color:
Winter White
Light Biscuit

Door Placement:

Faucet Option Select One:
5 Piece De Luxe Roman Faucets
1 Piece Faucet

Select Jet Options:
Eight Water Jets $699.
Twenty Air Jets $698.
Get Both 8 Water Jets & 20 Air Jets $1238.

Vibro Jets:
No Thank You
Vibro Jets $1198.

Heater In Seat:
No Thank You.!
Heater In Seat $444.

In Line Heater (Only Used With Water Jets):
No Thank You.
In Line Heater $189.

Double Drain:
No Thank You
Double Drain $121.

Headrest Pillow:
No Thank You
Headrest Pillow $97.

Ozone Sterilizer:
No Thank You
Ozone Sterilizer $294.

Chroma Therapy System:
No Thank You
Selectable Five Color Option Chroma Therapy System

Aroma Therapy:
No Thank You
Selectable Scented Aroma Therapy

Built in Grab Bar:
No Thank You
Built in Grab Bar

Anti Slip Floor:
No Thank You
Anti Slip Floor

Extended 25 Year Warranty on Tub Body :
No Thank You
Extended 25 Year Warranty on Tub Body

Select Shipping:
Standard Ground 3 To 5 Days
Express Freight No Available







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Mobility Bathworks 3060 & American Tubs 3060











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