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Micro Inside Lift

Harmar Mobility's 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Harmar's lineup of quality Micro Lift Systems makes transporting your micro or travel mobility device a breeze. Designed to combine quality with budget, we offer a solution for virtually every application.

An economical lift which mounts in vehicle trunks and cargo spaces. Lightweight components that are easy to disassemble make the AL055 an ideal light-duty inside lift.


Harmar A1055 Scooter Lift


Lifting Capacity 200 lbs
Offset Post Available No
Powered Lift Yes
Manual Rotation Yes

Owners Manual



Use The Harmar Calculator To Determine The Best Lift For Your Application.

Operation Manual or Power: Power w/ Manual Rotation

Installed Product Weight: 35 lbs.

Range of Boom: 360

Lifting Height: 78"

Headroom required: 37" (post may be modified for shorter heights)

Length of Boom Arm: 30"

Q: Is this lift compatible with my vehicle?
A: Harmar Mobility's knowledgeable authorized dealers will be glad to discuss your needs and recommend the proper lift for your application.
Q: Is my lift weather resistant?
A: Yes. The lift is designed to be fully weather resistant and designed to withstand outdoor use. The remote hand controls available with some models, however, are not weather resistant and must be removed and stored inside the vehicle.
Q: Can one lift be moved between two different vehicles?
A: While it is possible to move a lift from one vehicle to another, it is not recommended to do so frequently. If two different vehicles will be used often, we recommend having a lift installed on each vehicle.
Q: What maintenance must be performed to keep the lift operating properly?
A: All Harmar Mobility products are designed and tested to operate flawlessly for years of trouble-free use with very little maintenance. Please refer to the Owners' Manual for specific product maintenance schedules.
Q: Can the lift be plugged into the existing wiring on my vehicle?
A: No, all Harmar Mobility lifts must be powered by the supplied electrical harness. The harness has full-length leads that attach directly to the battery.
Q: The lift is powered by my vehicle's battery; what if my car looses power?
A: Many Harmar lifts have standard backup systems that allow them to be moved manually by Harmar Mobility Authorized Dealers and qualified mechanics such as roadside assistance technicians. Harmar Mobility recommends that end users should not attempt to use the manual override feature.
Q: Can I carry both a power chair and a scooter on this lift?
A: Yes, this lift is designed to accommodate either a power chair or a scooter.
Q: What is a docking device and is it required?
A: A docking device is used to connect your mobility device to the lift and is required for all Inside Lift Systems. They are available to accommodate virtually every scooter and power chair available. A Harmar Mobility Authorized Dealer will assist you in finding the correct docking device for your specific application.



AL-055 Harmar Lift

The AL-055 Harmar Mobility Lift
Qty: Price: $529.

Year Make And Model Of Your Vehicle:
Name Of Your Scooter Or Wheelchair:

Select Docking Device (Part That Connects Your Scooter Or Wheelchair):
DD-17 (Lift Scooter Or Wheelchair Without Seat On) Free
DD-19 (Lift Scooter Or Wheelchair Without removing The Seat) $128.
DD14 Power Chair Bridles + $99.00
DD-20 (Used Only For Power Wheelchairs) $119.
DD-21 Spreader bar docking device with power chair bridle $139.

AL205 - Battery Pack + $279.00
AT01 Optional All Thread Kit for Irregular Floors + $39.00
DD18 Telescoping Docking Device for use with C ARM + $38.00

Select Shipping:
Standard Ground
Three Day Air $98.
Two Day Air $187.

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