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RM3 Superior 32 X 52 32 X 60 33 X 38 35 X 55  
RH-6 AT 26 X 53 AT 28 X 52 AT 30 X 52 Transfer  3052 L  
AT 30 X 54 AT 30 X 55 AT 30 X 60 AT 31 X 38-l AT 32 X 52-l  
AT 33 X 55 AT 35 X 55 AT 28 X 48 Tahoe Mediterranean  
RC 2 pacific RE2 Huron        




Walk In Bench Ceiling Lifts Trolleys Tub Lifts Commode All Bathroom  





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Discover Your Mobility specializes in the highest quality Walk In Bath Tubs and Bath Tubs With Door. Our full line of Walk In Tubs found on Discover My are produced by American Tubs, Mobility Bath Works Rane Corp and more. We are normally able to ship any of the walk in style tubs within three days of order regardless of your choice of color, right or left hand, water jets or no water jets, air jets or no air jets, five piece faucet or sing stem mixer. Every Walk In Tub or Bath Tub With Door comes with Chromatherpy as well as Aromatherapy at no charge. These are after market packages that manufactures normally charge between $250. to $350. for Chromatherpy and $100. to $300. for Aromatherapy again these options are now included at no charge with every Walk In Tub purchased at Discover Your Mobility. We have handicap access tubs with a door to accommodate every application. Acrylic walk in tubs as well as fiberglass walk in tubs. Both with super seal technology and options for swing out doors or swing in doors.





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