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Portable Folding Power All Terrain Sports Bath Bariatric




Eagle HD Bariatric Portable Wheelchair






The Eagle HD heavy duty bariatric portable power wheelchair with a weight capacity of 400 lbs only weighing 50 lbs. The Eagle HD has large 12 inch rear tires providing a smooth ride with lots of traction to allow you to travel through most any terrain. The Eagle HD is powered by two 250 watt motors providing lots of power even when going up hills and inclines. The Eagle HD also comes standard with two battery packs giving users that added range to go long distances without the concern of a dead battery.



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Two Year Warranty.!





The Eagle HD is made of a high strength aircraft quality aluminum alloy that provides high strength yet is extremely light weight allowing the Eagle HD to provide a weight capacity of 400 lbs while only weighing 50 lbs without the batteries.
Power, Strength and Portability.


Easily move the joystick from left to right and back again in seconds for right handed and left handed users.

Two 250 watt motors provides you with all the power you could possibly need even on hills and inclines. Also the Eagle HD has a freewheel or neutral option allowing it to be used as a manual chair so a caregivers can opted to push it manually.
Large dual posi-traction drive wheels provide lots of traction even in dirt and gravel.
Heavy Duty Front Casters And Front Forks That Can Easily Handel High Weight Capacity As Well As High Impact From Rough Terrain.
The Eagle HD Heavy Duty Foldable Wheelchair With A 400 Lb Weight Capacity And Only Weighs 50 lbs


The Eagle HD Offers A Smooth Ride And Lots Of Power.

The Eagle HD Is Also Equipped Standard With A Extra Battery For Added Range And A Piece Of Mind.

Not only is the Eagle HD extremely light and easy to manage, it is perfect for air travel, trains, busses and cruise ships or any trips that are long-distance itís also travel approved! The Eagle HD comes with TWO (one is FREE) Airline Compliant Non-Spillable Lithium-Ion Batteries. You can take your Eagle HD on airplanes, cruise ships, trains, public transportation and in taxi cabs (or with Uber or Lyft).



High Control Easy Touch Joystick Controller.
High Strength Aircraft Quality Aluminum Alloy Frame.
Power to Spare


"TWO" 250 Watt Motors provides the Eagle HD with power to spare that will take across some of the most difficult surfaces like packed gravel, cobble stones, dirt, grass, inclines and more.


The Eagle HD is also equipped with Free Wheel "Neutral Feature" that will allow the motors to be disengaged so that it then can be pushed manually.

The Eagle HD Folds Into A Compact Area That Is Only (13" x 31" x 24") And Will Fit In The Trunk Of Most Any Car. Even A Small Compact Car Will Accommodate The Eagle HD Folding Power Wheelchair.



The Eagle Hd Only Weighs 50 lbs And Can Easily Carry Up To 400 lbs.



Performance, Power & Strength.

The Award Winning Eagle HD Is One Of Americas Favorite Power Wheelchairs Due To Its Ability To Easily Fold With Almost No Effort Into A Small Compact Compartment.



In Addition To Being Able To Easily Move The Joystick Controller From Left To Right And Back Again In Seconds For Right-Handed And Or Left-Handed Users, The Eagle HD Has The Ability To Easily And Virtually Effortlessly Go Up ADA Accessible Ramps, Through Grass, And Over Many Different Rough Surfaces, Making The Eagle HD Power Folding Wheelchair Naturally The Smart Choice.

The Eagle HD Unique Design Makes Use Of The Hollow Space In The Aluminum Frame For The The Batteries On Both Sides. This Genius Engineering Design Saves Space And Weight Making Life Even Easier For You.
The Dual Lithium Batteries Provide Lots Of Power For A Longer Time And They Can Be Fully Recharged and 30 Minutes. Most Power Wheelchairs Take Eight Hours To Recharge.
The Eagle HD Joystick Controller Gives You Greater Control Over Steering And Speed.



Optional Removable Elevating Swing Away Height Adjustable Leg Rest Allow A User To Elevate One Or Both Of Their Legs. In Addition They Are Easy To Remove, Allowing Them To Be Completely Out Of The Way When A User Is Getting In Or Out Of The Eagle HD. Lastly The Elevating Swing Away Height Adjustable Leg Rest Are Height Adjustable Making It Even More Comfortable To Each And Every Individual.

There are many details that make the Eagle Power Wheelchair a smart choice. Another feature is the MEMORY FOAM Seat Cushion. Not only is it comfortable, the breathable mesh fabric that covers the memory foam is easily removed and washable for lasting freshness!
  The Eagle HD has lots of power and large tires allowing it to perform well even on rough surfaces.!
High Performance Outdoors. The Eagle Hd will take you any where you want any time you want.!



Specification Metric Imperial



Unfolded Size 863 * 609 * 914 mm (L*W*H) 34" * 24" * 36" (L*W*H)

Folded Size

584 * 330 * 787 mm (L*W*H)

23" * 13" * 31" (L*W*H)

Weight Capacity

180 kg

400 Lbs
Width 482mm 19" Inch
Depth 421mm 17" Inch
Height 457mm 18" Inch
Back height 400mm 15.75" Inch





brushless DC motor


Rated Power

250 W*2pcs


Input Power

DC 24V


Brake System

intelligent electromagnetic brake






lithium battery



6 Ah*2pcs / 144 watt Hr


Output Voltage

DC 24V



Standard with two





Type/Plug Type

assist type/European standard, 2 core


Input Power

AC 100-220 V, 50-60Hz

International (Use Anywhere In The World)

Output Voltage/Current

DC 24V, 2A


Front Wheel



Front Casters

(180 mm x 45 mm)

(7" ◊ 1.77")


solid tire








Rear Wheel



Outer Diameter/Tire Width

(320 mm x 57 mm)

(12.5" ◊2.25")


Solid tire











Without Battery

23.5 kg

50 Pounds

With two Batteries


58 Pounds

Maximum Grade



Driving Range

35km/ two batteries

22 Miles

Max Speed

6 km/h

(3.75 mph)

Turning Radius

835 mm


Highest Obstacle Capability

40 mm

Manual Eagle-HD-Owners Manual  
MSDS Sheet Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery MSDS Sheet  
UN 38.3 Sheet Eagle HD UN38.3  



Please Note: Comes with one extra battery totaling two batteries. (Not Three Batteries)


SILVERADO SILVER                                        (Click Image Below To Enlarge)









Optional Head Rest

Rehab Quality Highly Adjustable Head Rest Allows The Head Rest To Be Adjusted Perfectly To Any Position Required.




Optional - Samson (Hard Shell Case)


The Samson is a Taylor made (Hard Shell Case) specifically designed to provide the perfect protection to the Eagle HD when traveling. Now you no longer need to worry about whether the airlines will damage your Eagle HD when traveling. The Samson (Hard Shell Case) almost entirely eliminates the possibility of damage to the Eagle HD.


Size: 36.5" X 26" X 17"

Weight: 47 LBS

Optional: $587.00

(Click Here To Enlarge)

Optional Arm Extension Kit Extends The Arm Rest Out Providing 21" Between The Arm Rest Giving The User Even More Space For Larger Individuals That Need It.
Optional Heavy Duty Rear Basket.

Large Rear Basket With 10 Lb Capacity
That Is Perfect When Going On Outings
Or Shopping.



Two Full Year Limited Warranty.

Your new wheelchair comes with a full Two Year Warranty. No need to worry about who would repair your new wheelchair or how you would get your wheelchair to them. This warranty has you covered! in the event your wheelchair should need repair. We will send a trained professional repair technician directly to your home during the 1st year fully covered parts & labor In Home Service. The 2nd year covers parts only. We have technicians throughout the entire United States. The map below indicates the location of our service affiliates.

Personalize your new wheelchair. Its Free & Easy, Simply select letter of font style below you like and enter it in the order form along with the name or text you would like to use to personalize your new wheelchair.




C   D
E   F
G   H
I   J
  We include a Oxygen Tank Holder Free with the purchase of this wheelchair. This Oxygen Tank Holder will hold most any size tank. The chart shown on the left indicates with a red arrow all tank sizes this tank holder will accommodate. Also included free are all items listed below.


  The Eagle HD Power Wheelchair

The Eagle HD Power Wheelchair
Qty: Price: $2887.

Please Select Color:
Silverado Silver
Inferno Red
Caribbean Blue
Jet Black
Perfectly Yellow
Rosey Pink

Extra Lithium Battery Pack:
No Thank You
Extra Lithium Battery Pack

DX Halogen Head Light With Dual Pitch Horn:
No Thank You
DX Halogen Head Light With Dual Pitch Horn

All Weather Protective Nylon Travel Cover With ID Window:
No Thank You.
All Weather Protective Nylon Travel Cover With ID Window

Cup Holder:
No Thank You
Cup Holder

Automotive Car Charger:
No Thank You
Automotive Car Charger

International Household Charger:
No Thank You
International Household Charger

Arm Bag:
No Thank You
Arm Bag

Flat Free Tires:
No Thank You
Flat Free Tires

Keep It New Touch Up Paint:
No Thank You.
Keep It New Touch Up Paint

Flip Up Adjustable Arm Rest:
No Thank You.
Flip Up Adjustable Arm Rest

Orange Safety Flag:
No Thank You
Orange Safety Flag

Auto Open Umbrella With Mounting Bracket:
No Thank You
Auto Open Umbrella With Mounting Bracket

Oxygen Tank Holder:
No Thank You
Oxygen Tank Holder

Two Year Extended Limited Warranty:
No Thank You
Two Year Extended Limited Warranty

Under Seat Basket:
No Thank You
Under Seat Basket

Attendant Controller Bracket:
No Thank You.
Optional Attendant Controller $178.

Head Rest:
No Thank You.
Head Rest $138.

Elevating Leg Rest:
No Thank You.
Elevating Leg Rest $298.

Samson Hard Shell Case:
No Thank You
Samson Hard Shell Case $587.00

Arm Spacer Kit. Adds 3 Inches Between Arm Rest:
No Thank You
Arm Spacer Kit. Adds 3 Inches Between Arm Rest $147.

Heavy Duty Rear Basket:
No Thank You
Heavy Duty Rear Basket $117.

Select Shipping:
Standard Ground 3 To 5 Days
Three Day Air $289.
Two Day Air $397.
Next Day Air $552.

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Eagle HD Folding Power Wheelchair














Resent Testimonials

Testimonials (Click  Any Image Below o Enlarge)


Andre Diaz

  The Eagle HD is one of the best purchases I have made. I have a spinal cord

injury and have limited mobility and this has restricted my activity and travel.

While on vacation in Europe this past summer I rented a device so I wouldn't

have to miss out while my family was out exploring. It was a game changer. As

soon as we returned home I began to research folding wheelchairs. I knew I

needed one that was approved by the FAA-Check! I needed one that we could

fold and put in the back of our vehicle-Check! It also needed to be light enough

that it could be lifted and put into the car (50lbs)-Check! Also one big item I was

hoping to find was a chair that had solid tires not air filled. While in Germany

I had a flat on the rental chair unfortunately all of the bike shops were closed,

so we had to wait till the next day to continue touring.

Thankfully the Eagle HD has solid, no flat tires! The battery life is LONG....

you can go all day.

I have traveled several times on Delta Airlines since purchasing the Eagle HD

and it has been wonderful, staff know exactly how to handle the chair and their

web-site provides all the info you need for the forms. The Eagle HD makes it a

breeze to go through the airport and once you get to your destination you are

free to travel and move about independently. We just got back from Oregon

and I was able to move about freely instead of sitting on the sidelines while my

wife walked around. If you have limited mobility and are missing out on

adventures and touring opportunities or limiting your travel, do not hesitate,

if you are thinking of purchasing an Eagle HD do it! You will be so happy you did!


Kirby Erb

  I love my Eagle HD! It gives me the freedom to live in 'independent living'

at a continuous care community; otherwise, I would need to reside in

'assisted living' and wouldn't be able to see all the residents that I've

come to know over the last eight years. I especially enjoy getting together

with everyone at our nightly dinners in the dining room and going to other

sites in the building to play cards and games. Without the Eagle I'd be

much more housebound in my apartment. Thanks for giving me my



Brian Richards

  Wonder the reasons why pick the Eagle HD wheelchair was through the fact

that the one that the VA gave me was not suited for outdoor use. The Eagle

Wheelchair allows me to do things I couldnít do before. It also allows my

Health Aide to be able to take me to the event by able to fold the wheelchair

up and put it in my minivan. I am 100% disabled Navy veteran and you allow

me to be a photographer for the Kelly Logan house 5K. This event was special

to me because they were raising money for the Michael J. Fox foundation. I

wouldnít been able to shoot this event without this Wheelchair he has I had to

go on grass get some of my pictures, I have pictures of myself and Suit, but I

wanna show off what I actually was able to shoot that day.


Claude Napoletano

I purchased the Eagle HD folding wheelchair over six years ago. I use it

around my house, but is indispensable to go to doctorís appointment, therapy,

and socializing. I was able to take the folding wheelchair on several vacation

trips to the Caribbean on an airplane with no problem whatsoever.

I am extremely happy!


David Kukelhan

  I am a 74 year old polio survivor and can no longer walk. I live in a very

walk able neighborhood in Cleveland and decided I wanted to get out more.

My area has lots of walking and biking trails and ready access to Lake

Erie and the Cuyahoga River. There are many of restaurants, breweries

and parks close by so there is much to see and do. Iím a baseball fan and

i decided to buy an Eagle HD so I could go to Indians games since I live

just a little over a mile from Progressive Field and can be there in about

25 minutes, from my home door to the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario, as

we say in these parts. On the way I cross the Lorain-Carnegie bridge which

is festooned with the Guardians of Transportation, the namesakes of the

teamís new name. Unfortunately I bought the chair just a few months before

the Coved lockdown took place, so my first year of ownership I hardly left my

house. But by the next summer I began to use the chair incessantly and have

logged hundreds of miles. I can buy groceries at the local store, visit the iconic

West Side Market, go to doctor and dentist appointments, and just get out to

see friends, enjoy nature, and get some fresh air.
The chair is very sturdy and easy to operate and very comfortable to sit in.

Iíve taken it on trips to Costco and points beyond, as long as I have someone

to load it to and unload it from the back of my car. My daughter is in the Navy

and a few years ago my son and I drove from Cleveland to Norfolk VA to greet

her when her ship came back to the US from its former port in Spain. I used the

chair to tour the sites of the naval base and the city . On the whole I have found

it a very valuable addition to my life and enjoy the independence it provides to me.


J. Milow

  I LOVE my Eagle! I was looking for an electric chair that is lightweight, easily

stowed in a car, has a fold away foot rest, has arms that I can use to stand, is

maneuverable and COMFORTABLE! The Eagle is the only one that meets

all these requirements! It allows me to shop, eat out, travel ( both by car and

air) and most importantly , go to my grandkids' sporting events! I've had it

almost 4 years and have had absolutely NO trouble with it! The large wheels

allow me to travel over most ground to get to ball fields etc. Having 30 miles

on a battery charge has allowed me to attend fairs, expos and conventions

without running out of juice! I've heartily recommended it to many people

with mobility issues- many of whom have approached me for information

about my incredible chair!! I am so incredibly grateful for the freedom it

has given me!


John Grubs

When it was time to replace my big bulky electric wheelchair I came across

the Eagle HD. I was Intrigued by the weight and simple design of the chair.

At 50 pounds it was much lighter than the chair that I had and would therefore

take a lot of the stress off of my wife when assisting me with the chair. Having

never seen a chair designed like that before I was a little skeptical, but the

specifications of the chair, the weight, the distance of travel with the two

batteries, and the price of the chair convinced me to give it a try. I have to

say that the purchase of my eagle HD chair is the best thing that I have ever

done for myself. I have had other wheelchairs, but Iíve never felt as safe and

secure as I do in my Eagle HD. The other chairs have those big captains chair

seats, and when you went over rough terrain it felt like you could be thrown

out of the chair. Plus, they contain car batteries, which are difficult to replace.

With the Eagle HD that is not the case. The batteries are self-contained

lithium ion that easily slide in and out and you get around 30 miles from a

set of two batteries. You sit lower to the ground than other chairs so you

feel secure when going over bumpy ground. I do a lot of yard work outside

and Iím constantly leaning on the arms of the chair to rake and hoe and other

things like that. The arms are strong and support my weight without any

problem. It is a really powerful chair and can go over almost any terrain.

Hills are not a problem, grass is not a problem, packed trails are not a

problem. The only situation I have found that my Eagle HD has trouble going

through is loose gravel and sand, but that would apply to any wheelchair. My

wife and I love to travel when we can and we recently took a 6000 mile trip to

various parts of the United States. My eagle HD carried me all over the place.

Zoos, amusement, parks, national parks, Chicago, Cleveland, Ohio, Missouri

and All, without any problems whatsoever. I can honestly say that this chair

has given me more freedom than any other chair Iíve ever had. I am an

incomplete quadriplegic, and Iíve been in a wheelchair a long time. This is

the best one yet. My wife loves it too because it does not weigh 200 pounds

like the other chairs, therefore,, she is able to maneuver it when Iím not in it.

For anyone on the fence about a lightweight electric wheelchair, this is the one

to get.


Kelly Flores

  I met a gentlemen using an Eagle wheelchair and he raved about it. When I first

saw it, I was very intrigued so I had to find out more about it. I looked at several

models of this kind of wheelchair and finally made my decision on the Eagle. I

have never regretted it. I use my Eagle whenever I go out. I use it for outings

shopping, to the salon, doctors appointments, church, dinner, which on almost

every shopping trip I get stopped by someone as intrigued as I was about this

wheelchair! Sometimes they even take a picture of it so they can go online to

find out more. I even plan on using it at Disneyland later this year! What I like

is that it is not a bulky wheelchair, so fitting at a table in a restaurant is easy. It

is very durable, transports easily, the batteries last a long time between charges

for me, and the colors are beautiful! I get a lot of looks because it is not the usual

looking wheelchair. It gives me the freedom I need to do the things that matter in

my life. Depending on the level of disability, you may need help loading the Eagle

in the car like I do, but it fits right in the cargo portion of my SUV. No special

carriers are required, it just folds up to transport. Living with MS and not being

able to walk is hard enough, using my Eagle has given me that freedom.


Lisa Ellison

The Eagle HD has changed my life completely . Before I had to rely on others

to push my traditional wheelchair around, now I have gained the freedom to

choose when and where I go, and how fast. The ability to experience theme

parks and take strolls on hiking paths with my children has increased the

amount of enriching family time I get to spent with my favorite people. Before

I would have been left on the side lines, now I may join in the fun. On a recent

trip to my local state park, I was able to see and experience more than any

other time I had been there thanks to my Eagle HD. My husband chose the

Eagle HD for it's lightweight and portable size. The Eagle HD folds into a

compact square and can be picked up and put in a vehicle within moments.

The batteries location and compact size were other important factors when

he chose this brand. It is also durable and hearty , it can carry a significant

amount of weight without faltering. I have enjoyed my Eagle HD for three

years, the amount of freedom it has provided me and my family has been

amazing. I truly cannot imagine going back to a traditional wheelchair and

all of it's confines. I believe this mobility device would increase the quality

of life for anyone who may need to use it, it provides freedom.


Louise Ivy

Here is a photo of me on vacation in Hawaii with my eagle he. I have a lot

of people ask me to buy and quite a few have taken photos and weíre going

to call about it. I actually have two Eagle HD wheelchairs, one lives in the

car and the other in the house. Absolutely amazing Indoors and outdoors.



Love P.

  This is amazing! We were BLOWN AWAY when we got this! It was already

put together when we got it and took it out of the box! It was so easy to use

and very high quality. We have had the Eagle HD for about a year , and my

son uses it every day when we go on our family walks. He "runs" on it's max

speed of 5mph and chases his brother around the lawn all the time!! It has a

lot of power so he can go up and down the small hills where we live.

The Eagle HD has given our son back his freedom. He uses it multiple times

a day every single day. It is very safe as it has a very sturdy seatbelt and a

good, comfortable adjustable cushion. It is a very smooth ride. It handles very

well on turns and maneuvers very well on turns. It easily handles lots of different

terrain. It has given us so much joy! The batteries charge very fast. It is very easy

to fold down and throw in your car or truck. The entire process takes less than 30

seconds. Whenever you have any questions, the customer support is always there

to help out, as they are very nice and friendly and eager to help!


Missy Vanvooren

  When my mobility started to decline I began looking for a chair that was reliable,

versatile, comfortable, able to turn sharp corners in confined hallways, and also

had a sporty look as I didnít want to feel less than. More than three years later

the Eagle HD has turned out to be all of these things. Initially nervous I had my

husband drive the chair, , but I quickly gained the confidence to drive my

Eagle HD independently . Still running well on the original batteries it allows

me to go to pretty much everywhere I want to go. Indoors I can maneuver

around corners and tight spaces and it allows me to get around the kitchen

to cook with my grandchildren. Strangers stop and ask me about it because

they like its sporty look. When we travel my husband is able to load and unload

it in and out of the car . Best of all I am able to drive it in and out of the barns
when the grandkids show their animals at the fair , navigate to the sidelines of

both their indoor and outdoor sporting events, and the seat is comfortable so I

always have my personally reserved seat at their events. The Eagle HD is

helping me to live my best life.


Phillip Livingston

  I wanted the best foldable electric wheelchair that was durable and powerful.
I wanted the best and that meant the Eagle HD.

Rebecca Brandt

  I have owned an Eagle HD for a couple years. I am an ambulatory chair user -

I can walk - but I rely on a wheelchair certain times due to various health

conditions when they flare (think autoimmune & cardiovascular). I am a

younger user in my 30s but disability doesnít discriminate if youíre young.

The Eagle HD is used to go to all day events with my family: the zoo, museums,

vacations, parades & long walks on grass and pavement. Iím grateful because I

wouldnít be able to hang out with my children otherwise as a walker doesnít

suffice for these events. The zoo is probably the most frequent place we go and

I wouldnít last without it! A power wheelchair doesnít have to be a last resort

mobility aid and the only aid. One can use a rollator walker some times, and the

power chair another day depending on your health and event. I chose the

Eagle HD as its durable enough for the outside events I mentioned as well

as Iím plus size. Iím grateful to have a comfortable sturdy chair that fits me. I

did buy the seat / space extenders and my husband easily installed them. I have

attached little accessories to add cup holders and hooks and to show off my personality. Mobility aids donít have to be boring!


Ray Tallman

  My husband Ray is a big man 6í2 and we needed a power chair that I could

easily lift and set up to increase mobility and opportunity. After much looking

and review we picked the Eagle. Not only are we very pleased but Hans is

delighted too because he now can get more walks with Dad! The chair is comfy,

goes over multiple surfaces with ease including grass, some snow, gravel and

dirt as well as the smooth paved surfaces youíd expect. Ití s not the lightest

chair we checked out but I am able to lift it in and out of our car without

difficult. The joy stick is very responsive to touch and the ability to move in

and out of manual to power is super helpful depending on what the area we

are in is like. Ray especially likes having a cup holder for his coffee. . We

give this chair a two thumbs up for doing what we were looking for and

improving quality of life.



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The Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair with a 400 pound capacity the Eagle HD Bariatric portable power wheelchair. Made of a strong aircraft quality aluminum weighing only 50 pounds and can carry up to 400 pounds. For years wheelchair users have been wanting a foldable power wheelchair that can accommodate larger individuals. Well now they have it. The Eagle HD has become Americas favorite heavy duty portable power wheelchair.






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